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The Story Behind
Min's Glorieta Glory Salsa Blend

Min & Bill Lowry moved to Glorieta Baptist Assembly in the Fall of 1969. During their subsequent 22-year tenure there (1969-1991), Min served in New Mexico Hall, the Greenhouse, and the Bookstore, but she was primarily known for her hospitality in hosting friends from all over at “the house on the corner above the Rec Field.”  Bill was well-known for calling in the afternoon with a “You’ll never guess who’s here...” in his lilt. “They might drop by after services tonight.” Min’s cooking was the stuff of legends and summers were understandably full of chicken enchiladas, fajitas, and homemade Butterfinger ice cream on the front porch.

Min, bill and Kiddos, 1972Min, bill and Kiddos, 1972
It was during her time at the Bookstore, around 1983, that Min saw the need for an easy-to-transport food product that people could carry or mail back home to remind them of their time in Northern New Mexico. In her words, “we needed something for our friends in Texas and Nashville that tasted like salsa, but wasn’t hot.” She hit upon the idea of an authentic salsa that would be a dry blend of chile and spices, and modeled the flavor on a salsa served in the famous Club Cafe in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. There followed many rounds of taste-testing on family & friends in New Mexico Hall and the Dining Hall. But the most important group were those wonderful friends who were natives of Glorieta Village and Pecos who not only helped with taste but with color and texture. When all was said and done, the final blend of four kinds of Authentic New Mexico Chile with six other herbs & spices was dubbed Glorieta Glory.

Glorieta Glory was initially marketed only in the Bookstore at Glorieta Baptist Conference Center, but quickly spread to Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and a steady mail-order business grew as well. A flavorful Meat Marinade (Now known simply as "Marinade") was developed, along with suggested uses. Packets of marinade and salsa made their way to not only Texas and Nashville, but all across the United States and even around the world. 

Min Lowry, What A Peach!Min Lowry, What A Peach!
Now, Min's famous Glorieta Glory salsa and meat marinade is available online, the tradition carried on by Min’s daughter-in-love Betty, and son John under “Ma’s” watchful eye.  Min’s original mixture is still "carefully blended by hand in our kitchen so you can make it fresh in yours!"

Post Script:
Just in case you’re wondering, Min passed away in April of 2019 at the age of 91. Her physical presence is now and will be missed for many years, but her vibrant spirit lives on in our hearts and in the hearts of the many people she touched through her life and her ministries.