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Min's Taco Lover's Box

Close up View of Package and Product
Close up View of Package and Product

Indulge in the ultimate taco experience with Min's Taco Lover's Box—a curated collection designed for the true taco connoisseur. This enticing gift set features:

  • Red Chile Taco Blend: A harmonious blend of rich red chilies, carefully selected to elevate the flavor profile of your tacos.

  • Green Chile Taco Blend: Experience the zest of Min's signature green chilies, adding a delightful kick to your taco creations.

  • Min’s Original Salsa Mix: Craft the perfect salsa with Min's exclusive blend of spices, creating a salsa sensation that complements your tacos flawlessly.

For just $30.00, this Taco Lover's Box brings the essence of Min's culinary expertise to your kitchen. Unleash your creativity, savor the unique flavors, and elevate your taco nights with Min's Taco Lover's Box. Order now and embark on a delicious journey that will make your taco parties unforgettable!

Taco Lovers Box $30.00