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Heaven Over Hell Texas Style Chili Mix

Close up View of Package and Product
Close up View of Package and Product
Ingredients and Nutrition Facts
Heaven Over Hell Texas in a Dish

"Heaven Over Hell" is the phrase Texans use to remind themselves which way is right-side-up for the state flag. So we couldn't resist naming our blend made specially for Texas after this slogan! And truly we have had many born-&-bred Texans tell us "This is the real deal, y'all!" New Mexico Red Chile is blended with our own Southwest chili herbs & spices to make a truly authentic Texas Chili, for the state where chili was invented!  Cook on your stovetop!  Ready in approximately 30 minutes!

Makes enough to feed 2-3 chili-lovers.

• Low Sodium
• Gluten-Free

Heaven Over Hell Texas Chili $7.00