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Min's "Glorieta Glory" Carne Adovada Blend

Close up View of Package and Product
Close up View of Package and Product
Ingredients and Nutrition Facts
Min's Carne Adovada in a Dish
Min's Carne Adovada in a Meal

Made only with Authentic New Mexico Red Chile

Min’s newest marinade is a blend for New Mexico’s own Carne Adovada! We’ve made it so simple, if you can safely wield a knife, measure water (or beer), and operate a slow cooker, you can make this!

Carne Adovada is lean pork marinated overnight in a fusion of NM Red Chile & Spices, then slow-cooked until succulent & melt-in-your-mouth tender. And may we say, when it is cooking your own casa will smell as fantastic as any in the “Land of Enchantment.” It is pictured here, served with Saffron Rice and "Shelly" (Fresh) Pintos.

Makes enough to marinate 2 pounds of lean meat.

  • Low Sodium
  • Gluten-Free
  • NO MSG
  • Vegan
Min's Carne Adovada $7.50