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Southwest Chicken

Close up View of Package and Product
Close up View of Package and Product
Ingredients and Nutrition Facts
Southwest Chicken in a Dish

Entree Recipe

If we were in Miami, this dish would be called "Arroz con Pollo." But we're not, so it's not! Do serve this over rice and black beans (our favorite), or try it (as suggested below) rolled up in a burrito, or on a bun with cheese as a delicious sandwich. In any case, this recipe makes a delicious main course with a minimum of effort, and it literally has just three ingredients!


  1. Mix the Marinade using olive oil as directed on the package. You can leave the water out, as the breasts will render water and cooking juices as they cook.
  2. Coat the frozen breasts in the Marinade, then put the trivet in the bottom of the Instant Pot and layer them into the pot on the trivet.
  3. Cover and seal the Instant Pot, then set for HIGH pressure, 10 minutes. Allow the pot to naturally release for 10 minutes. Open the pot and allow the cooked breasts to cool a few minutes before shredding them.
  4. To shred the cooked breasts, use two forks, a hand mixer, or (our fave) a stand mixer with the paddle attachment.
  5. Add a little of the juices from the Instant Pot, if needed.

To Serve:

Our favorite way to enjoy this is over yellow rice and black beans (which can be cooked on the stovetop while the Instant Pot is working its magic, with a splash of tomatillo salsa.

Other ways include:

  • As a filling for burritos (add rice, beans, and salsa)
  • As Mexican street tacos with cilantro & lime.
  • As a stuffing for a baked potato with sour cream,
  • As a sandwich on a bun with cheese, onion, & pickle
  • As the main topper for chicken nachos.